Change, Commit, Forever fit!

Coach Halima

A Board Certified Health and Wellness Coach skilled in supporting clients who seek lasting change aligned with their values promoting health and well-being.


Helping you realise your potential and live a more fulfilling life.

Health and Wellness Coaching combines behaviour change, psychology and life coaching. You will know what's best for your health and wellbeing, but often find it difficult and challenging to change habits and lifestyle.

Coaching will help uncover your answers for your life by creating clarity, fresh perspective and awareness. We integrate this with support, action plans and clear accountability creating lasting change and inevitably the life you truly want and seek.

No matter what your objective, starting from where you are, we will help map out a plan as to where you want to be. We do this by clarifying your goals and making positive change to your routine and all aspects of your life.

Health and Wellness Coaching will help you bring focus on all parts of life by facilitating an identified process of change. This change creates awareness, priority and discovery, shifting your mindset and empowering immersive energy to show up in your life. 

Change, Commit, Forever fit!

We support you in shifting paradigms and making changes that will enable you to achieve the best version of yourself creating optimum health and wellbeing. This step by step tailored process helps support the delivery of a fulfiling empowered life, moving you forward and creating lasting change. 

Coaching for Executive Wellbeing 

We provide individual and team coaching to fine tune the development, performance and leadership capabilities of Executives at all levels.

Executive coaching is built around a focus on organisational and professional goals. This includes 'personal' coaching to help individuals with their own development and goals. In addition, we provide coaching follow ups to help align newly developed skills and anchor learning in real life situations as they arise on a daily basis. 


Do you desire change but are unsure how to proceed OR stuck in old habits ?

Coaching for Health and Pain Management


We provide one-on-one support to help people living in chronic pain with self management skills. This helps enable them to rediscover their potential and improve their well-being and confidence as active participants in their own life. Lighten your days, shift your mindset and achieve your goals. All licensed health care providers can provide a referral for their patients.

Coaching will help empower you to actively change the behaviours impacting your life. 

Coaching for Health and Wellbeing

As a Board Certified Health & Life Coach, Halima brings a unique approach to the Health Industry by delivering a bespoke offering that is tailored to the individual.

Halima's training is endorsed by the Canadian Health Coach Alliance (CHC Alliance) as well as the International Coaching Federation (ICF).


I have severe arthritis in my spine, hips, hands, and knees – and have undergone back surgery twice. I was a teacher, runner, hiker, soccer player, and generally very active in mind and body. That has all stopped. Despite pain management procedures, I suffer chronic pain.

Depression and seclusion followed, and life became simply an existence. I heard about health coaching and was so extremely fortunate to be teamed up with Halima. 

As my Health Coach, she has turned my existence back into a life. By having someone on your side, someone who understands the medical part, someone who is trained to listen and help me understand what I am trying to express has been a miracle; And because of the tools she has given me or helped me discover I am a much better patient. 

Client - Chronic Pain Patient

Halima has been the most effective and impactful executive coach that I have worked with. She helped me distinguish professional goals from personal goals and understand the difference each journey makes when approached with a focused mindset.... A true Coaching champion.....

Client - Executive (McDonald’s Franchisee)

I warmly recommend Halima. She has been wonderful in helping me restore my confidence and sense of self worth. I continue to pursue my health and wellness goals which has brought a very positive change in my life. I wholeheartedly recommend Halima. 

Client -  International Expatriate

National Board Certified Health & Wellness Coach

NBHWC’s adhere to ethical guidelines as part of the National Boards intent to protect and serve health & wellness coaching consumers.



Certified for Health and Pain management. Halima is endorsed by the Canadian Health Coach Alliance (CHC Alliance) as well as the International Coaching Federation (ICF).

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